Turnus I, II, III

from by The Pajammas

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Turnus is woken in the middle of the night by the fury Allecto, who has taken on the form of an old woman. She informs him that he must make war against the Trojans. Turnus agrees, but basically tells the fury in disguise to mind her own business and let men handle the war decisions. Allecto does not like this and makes Turnus's decision for him. #wartime. Turnus then rallies his fellow Rutulians and rides to war. He is the greatest warrior in Italy at the time and he has the confidence to back it up.


A cold, sweat. An aging priestess thinks she can wake me up to talk matters of war

Woman don’t you think I've heard
Aeneas is of no concern to me now

Where have I heard this all before? A Trojans steals his bride. NO SURPRISE

Get me my armor I'm going to lay him low
Get me my armor, angered his final foe

Does he not see the parallels or ever contemplate the past?
Hypocritical at best
Oh and this better be the truth it better be the truth I swear
‘cause I don’t wanna know

So we ride. Double time. Double time. Double time.

And with these weapons we aim to lay them low.
And with these weapons death from their final foe.

Does he not see the parallels or ever contemplate the past
Hypocritical at best
Oh and this better be the truth it better be the truth I swear
‘cause I don’t wanna no for an answer.

The problems you’ve had are now multiplied, dwarfed in size, anger has awakened in me.
An anger I can not hold in.
I’d burn all his fields, scatter salt to wind if he had any fields of his own
Empty threats against a people without a home
Instead ill offer him the chance to die with pride
A test in single combat only he and i
Give him that heroes death
Though he deserves much less than admiration from his family or his men
No he wont cry, nor will he beg, he’ll take that hero's death, a hero's.

My fate guides me to unravel the future of these foes,
For taking my bride I will bring these criminals to their knees,
In Solitude the Atridae need not suffer, nor Mycenae fight alone,
Is the first defeat not enough for Troy?
Their sin, which once was plenty,
This hatred and disregard for womankind,
Hiding behind their walls and ditches brings them courage,
These will not save them from the massacre.
The walls that were built by Poseidon's own hands,
Did they not see these walls collapsing in flames?
Men I have chosen, who will stand with me,
To force these gates open and make them taste our blades?
I need not arms forged by Hephaestus,
I need not a thousand ships, or fear the Etruscans aide them,
The moon will not hide us to cut down their guards,
A horse is of no value to hide our resolve!
We will encircle these walls under the heat of the sun,
With fire that radiates this bright heat.
They will know this is no Danaan attack,
Nor the Pelasgian force Hector held for ten years!
But the best of this day is behind us,
In good cheer we shall end with dusk.
Rest your tired bodies, and be fed.
Be sure, a battle is on the horizon...


from Portents + Prophecies, released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


The Pajammas Fort Worth, Texas

Punk rock/progressive ska band from Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas.

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