Remnants of Fallen Walls

by The Pajammas

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Recorded in the top floor of a Fort Worth warehouse during July 2011. It was hot. We drank a lot of Keystone.

All Songs written by The Pajammas
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Review by The Fort Worth Weekly:


released December 29, 2011

Brandon Boehme - Bass, Acoustic
Blake Brown - Drums
Ryan Danford - Guitar, Vocals
Owen Kinser - Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic

Produced & Engineered by Andy Gomoll
Mixed by Rockwell
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Studios - Dallas Texas

Gang Vocals on 1 & 5 - D'adrian Allen, Corbin Santana
Backing Vocals on 6 - Emily Bryant
Art - Matthew Szal @
Layout & Logo - aleXie



all rights reserved


The Pajammas Fort Worth, Texas

Punk rock/progressive ska band from Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas.

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Track Name: Our Regards
by any human hand, we'll sally forward, their blood in the sand
waves of water they came in on, waves of men sent to their deaths

they looked so calm
died for their kings
they looked so calm
just like sleeping

Do you believe the stories (heard them say)
the gods joining the fight, picking their side
the myrmidons havent attacked in weeks
seize this chance to rouse these tired

MUSCLES SORE FROM heavy eyelids closing fast
prepare for the next attack
do you see their ships upon our beach
let's burn them to the ground, hasten their retreat

he died so calm
but in disguise
he died so calm
no fear in eyes

by now you've heard the stories (heard them say)
the gods they chose their side, they picked this fight
the myrmidons haven't attacked in weeks
seize this chance to watch them all fall...
Track Name: La Ciudad Está en Fuego
Oh the city it's on fire and it's worse than the worst riot. you can not tell the children what's behind them, urge them to be quiet. It's ten years in the making, what once was not a thought has now come true nothing you can do.

Our hero is he's fallen from his height
Priam's son lies face down in the sand
if gods and goddesses could put their people through such shame, are we to blame?

Oh the city it's on fire and it's burning down to ash. Moving quickly under cover as Achaeans pass. The needless devastation, the city i love is burning to the ground, all around.

Our fairest prince he brought this wrath upon our very gates. The king of Sparta puts his sword to the stone. The fates of men and their entanglements in this modern day an age, settled through rage.

Think of who you last talked to, while walking down that street. What did you have to say to them, what tragic fate did they meet? Families and loved ones divided, but through death they become united. We pray for them all night, we hope they paid their toll. This chapter has certainly ended, but new parchment invites fresh ink. The story is ours to unfold, about the people who stood on the brink. Overcame challenge with glory, a modern day Heracles story, out towards the seas we point our bows.
Track Name: Interlude
Oh Poseidon, god of the sea.
Oh Poseidon, don't send your waves down on me.
Track Name: Quasars by Proxy
O Poseidon god of the sea
O Poseidon don't send your waves down on me
While we are on the voyage keep us safe as we traverse your realm
Deliver us to foreign shores or else we shall dine in hell

We had to leave everything behind caught up by surprise burned in the night treacherous and cruel o what a sight to see when all that is left us us depends on me

three months gone and still no beach nor sand
three months gone and still no sight of our home land
no we will not give up we will not give up untill we have found
what we're searching hard for setting anchor at our destined ground

Nobody saw through that wooden disguise taking it a face with blinded eyes treacherous and cruel o what a sight to see when all that is left of us depends on me.

journey on venturing forward i was assigned
by the gods to start a new troy i cant disappoint
with everything i know riding on my shoulders
[and every one i love counting on my word]
with every thought they hope resting on these shoulders
[i cant disappoint]
Track Name: Ramus Aureus
It weighs heavy on my soul walking through this land of dead, you could swear that you could look them in the eyes. A golden branch for his troubles while the envious deceased wait patiently on the shore. Our journey towards this gloomy depth paid full in Trojan blood. With no grave dear Palinurus, he gets no hero's death.

Oh, no one goes for free.
oh, no one goes for free
At least living

who did this to you put you in your state?
"I was betrayed, stabbed in the back, stabbed in the back"

Oh, no one goes for free.
oh, no one goes for free.

My father told me, as we embraced in those pleasant fields,
"don't give in".
And my father told me, my father told me,
"don't believe, don't believe in everything you're told. Your destined for greatness, you're destined for fame. Your enemies cower at sizes of armies you've tamed. Your grief and your sorrow, your guilt and your shame."
Track Name: Out Towards the Sea
I've got to let you go
because i cant get over my selfish aspirations
Did i let you go too soon?
did i let you go before we could bloom?

Because I cant forget, how it felt when it was good.
Because i cant forget, and I dont think that i should.

think about those nights
spent watching citizens of Carthage echo splendor off your palace walls.
But the messengers he's come, i must leave these coasts immediately, staying put is no possibility

Because we dont belong, but I'll take our memories and lock them up real tight.
Save them for that rainy day
When these Dardanian ships aren't sailing quite right

Sailing quite right...